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About Chris


Chris was born in Sydney Australia and at the age of 10 he told his father that he wanted to learn that “Greek” instrument “the bouzouki”! He started taking lessons from George Petrakopoulos but after about 6 months Mr Petrakopoulos returned to Greece so Chris continued on his own. By the age of 11 he was performing in Greek nightclubs on the weekends. He steadily became very popular and was often called “the child wonder”! He performed on various TV programs and took first place on a TV talent show. His popularity grew and he became well known amongst the Greek community all over Australia which he toured on many occasions. He was an inspiration to many young Greek boys who also wanted to learn the bouzouki to be like “Christaki” as he was known by all. At one stage he had about 50 students including some girls! When Chris was 13 he and his family went to Cyprus, where his parents are from and also made a number of appearances there at night clubs and festivals before going on to London and Greece. In Greece he appeared on the talent show “Here is your chance” taking out the first place getting 10 out of 10 from all the judges including George Katsaros and Rosita Sokou. Chris then returned to Australia to finish school.
In 1990 Chris returned to Greece to begin his career working with many performers leading up to a long term collaboration with Anna Vissi which continued up til 2015!

From 16th October 2015 a new collaboration begins with Antypas at Frangelico!